Entry #1

So umm... yeah

2012-09-09 16:56:49 by MichaelJRuocco

So I got a new Newgrounds accounts here...

(looks around)

Hasn't changed too much since I last checked here YEARS ago. Palette's still pretty dark... It's a good thing I forgot the password to my old account. Not too much to get by with... and that username?... sheesh!...

Some of my animator colleagues have been telling me I should start submitting to this site again... I forget what reason they gave... something about it being another good outlet for your work or something... well whatever they said, I don't know they were 100% truthful about it, but I'll give it a shot.

But anyway, let's see how this all goes, shall we?


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2012-10-25 04:33:01

I believe in Ruocco.